Disappeared and Found

Disappeared and Found cover
Was She Adopted or Kidnapped?

A young woman’s search for her biological family opens up a mystifying nineteen-year-old cold case of a mother and her baby daughter disappearing while on a walk, a development that arouses interest and surprise from a couple of television programs, local and federal law enforcement, and a splintered family.

Dorothy had always felt the love of being raised by coddling, well-off parents and was encouraged by the death of her mother to cancer to take college classes toward a medical career. However, after a class lab experiment leads to her overhearing her father revealing that she was actually adopted, Dorothy decides to research the truth of her biological family by reaching out to a television docuseries focused on reconnecting families. A DNA test seems to lead to a close sibling match, but when Rory, the host of the docuseries, reaches out to the match, a young man named Scott, he responds by telling him that his sister was not put up for adoption, but had disappeared with his mother when they went for a walk nearly nineteen years ago. That case is now the attention of an episode being produced by another television docuseries.

The reappearance of a woman who disappeared as a baby brings both television productions together into a collaboration. The FBI joins the local police in the reopened case, but Dorothy wonders about the wounds of disconnecting with the father who raised her, reconnecting with a family who had lost her, as well as the mystery of what happened to her birth mother.

Available in Paperback (ISBN 978-1-9772-1772-1) and e-Book

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Disappeared and Found
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