My Story

Perhaps the desire to explore the world was infused in me early as my parents moved me from my birthplace in eastern Oregon to Rhode Island, where my sister was born, then to Kansas, and finally to Jacksonville, Florida, all before I was two years old. However, they decided that my sister and I needed a stable home for our childhood years, so they purchased a house in Jacksonville after my father changed jobs. He still traveled extensively for work, but the family did not have to move to support his travels. When I graduated from high school, I decided to re-energize that sense of adventure and combine it with a desire for creativity by heading westward on my own to UCLA, where I graduated with a bachelor’s in motion picture and television arts. I found a job with the ABC Television Network and was able to transition into the publicity department, starting with the photography division. I stayed and grew with the company, even as ABC was merged into the Walt Disney Company. I eventually became the associate director of broadcast communications for the Disney ABC Television Group, supporting not only ABC network programming, but also original programming across all of the Disney ABC cable properties, including the Disney Channel and ABC Family. Time, luck and resources gave me the opportunity to travel around this country and throughout Europe. My passion for photography was stoked by my travels, especially the beauty within the US national parks. Then, after over 28 years with the company, I lost my job at Disney ABC during a restructuring within the department. With time on my hands, I decided to channel my creativity into writing a novel, Legacy Discovered, which I have self-published. After a few years, I self-published another mystery novel, Disappeared and Found, and I expect to write more and hope readers enjoy the effort. Meanwhile, even though I enjoyed living in Los Angeles for near 40 years and getting in a regular bike ride to the beach during the last three years in LA, I realized it was time to take on my next life adventure, moving to the edge of the Rocky Mountains in the Denver metropolitan area.

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