My View

I have always been enthralled by the photographic image, a moment of artistry and reality. It also became the perfect means to record the travels I have been lucky to enjoy within the past few years. The two galleries presented here are just a sampling, but I hope also are an inspiration to others to look, explore and understand beyond your home.

The United States created the concept of the national park, an area set aside to protect a country’s natural wonders and allow visitors to experience them as a source of understanding our place in this world and universe. One of my bucket lists is to visit every designated US national park (not monuments, memorials, seashores, battlefields or historical sites also protected by the National Park Service, although many of them I would love to visit). The US National Park gallery represents the parks I have visited in the past twenty years. I will add representative photos as I visit more.

The European Sights gallery provides a small representation of my travels to Europe within the past twenty years. Seeing and experiencing culture beyond this country is important to help me understand my role as a citizen of planet Earth. I hope to add to this gallery as well and add new galleries for future visits to other continents if my luck holds out.

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